MaxSBR – rectifier diodes with high performance without compromise

MaxPower Semiconductor, an innovative new manufacturer of power semiconductors, has developed its first generation of rectifier diodes with a previously unattained combination of performance parameters. The MaxSBR diodes combine the low forward voltage drop and non-existent reverse recovery charge of a Schottky-Diode with the surge voltage strength and low reverse leakage current of normal pn junction diodes. In addition, these super barrier diodes from MaxPower are largely insensitive to high temperatures. In Europe they are sold exclusively by Finepower GmbH in Ismaning.

Possible applications of the rectifier diodes

Until now, a combination of these important performance parameters was not available. Only with the Super Barrier technology was it possible to build highly efficient, extremely robust and at the same time extremely compact electronic devices. MaxSBR diodes are used in automotive electronics, industrial applications, server power supplies and other environments where failure is not an option. Examples of applications for MaxSBR diodes include high-frequency switching power supplies such as DC/DC converters, power supply adapters, chargers and LED drivers. The DC diodes are also ideal for use as reverse polarity protection, freewheeling diodes and in motor control systems.

Technical facts about MaxSBR rectifier diodes

MaxPower makes the MXP40Rx product family available as the first representative of the new MaxSBR generation. It comprises six different versions with a continuous peak reverse voltage up to 45 V, an extremely low forward bias voltage VF of only 0.36 V at a current of 1.5 A. The leakage current is ten times lower than with conventional comparable rectifier diodes. Depending on the version, the diodes are designed for rated currents between 10 A and 50 A. The components are available in either TO-277A or TO-220AB packages.
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About MaxPower

MaxPower Semiconductor Inc., based in San Jose, California, develops and supplies a wide range of discrete power semiconductors. The development and management team of globally recognized experts ensures that MaxPower always offers its customers technologically leading and innovative products.

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