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Finepower GmbH

You are looking for fans, power supplies, transformers or power semiconductors? Together with our partners we can serve you with all major power electronics components.

Finepower GmbH

Our experienced engineers deliver professional consulting during your product development and are your competent contacts for all technical questions.

Finepower GmbH

Finepower Engineering supplies a broad range of services, starting with pure consulting, over pre-studies up to the complete development of power electronic systems according to your needs.



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As strategic design partner, sales agent and distributor we support you with high-class components of our partner companies.



What exactly is Finepower GmbH and what does it do?

Finepower GmbH was founded in 2001. Starting as a four-man marketing and consulting company, we have developed over the years into an internationally active development and sales company with a special focus on various applications of today's power electronics. Our goal is to support our customers in accelerating their development processes and thus create the conditions for a clear lead in the market.

What are the core competencies of Finepower GmbH?

Our focus is on power electronics and related topics and applications. Therefore we have competences in different areas. In the following you will find some examples of the respective topics and the corresponding core competencies:

  • Electric mobility -> Charging technology
  • Renewable Energies -> Energy Conversion
  • Thermal management -> Selection and optimized application of fans; thermal simulations and calculations
  • Inductors -> Design of EMC filter chokes, switched-mode power supply transformers and other inductive components
  • Power Semiconductors -> Consulting on Power MOSFETs, Wide-Band Gap Devices (GaN and SiC), as well as IGBT Modules and Thyristors

If you have specific questions or a concrete order in planning, you can always use our contact options. We will be happy to advise you.

Where is the headquarters of Finepower GmbH located?

Finepower GmbH is a company originating from the county of Munich. Our headquarters for the European market is located at Carl-Zeiss-Ring 21 in 85737 Ismaning. We also have a head office for the Asian market. This is located in Shenzhen, China. You can find further information about our locations on our contact page..

What are the services offered by Finepower GmbH?

Our range of services is divided into two areas: distribution and engineering. As a distributor we work with international partners, which among other things enables us to deliver the desired product as quickly as possible. In the field of engineering we offer our customers, for example, individual solutions for power electronics. To ensure that we always know and master the latest technologies, we also actively participate in research projects.

In summary, our broad range of services extends from consulting, feasibility studies and simulations to the development of prototypes and their transfer to series production. We also attach particular importance to intensive technical advice to eliminate any possible ambiguities. Contact us today and together we will find an optimal solution for your future plans.

What is the corporate philosophy of Finepower GmbH?

Finepower GmbH was founded by its shareholders Peter Lutter, Dieter Bundfuss and Frank DΓΆring with the aim of combining their extensive market and technology knowledge of power electronics in order to offer their customers the best products and the best possible support. Since power electronics is fundamentally responsible for the further development of our society, it is our vision to contribute with our sales partners to a cleaner and smarter world.

What is the international strength of Finepower?

On the one hand, we offer our globally positioned customers local contacts for the European and Asian market through our branches in Germany and China. On the other hand, the development process and thus the decisive success of our customers is particularly important to us. Therefore, we support our customers in accelerating their development processes and thus create the prerequisites for a significant lead of our customers in international competition. In addition, our strongly networked worldwide logistics system enables us to deliver the desired electronic components as quickly as possible.

How can I get in contact with Finepower?

If you have an electronic challenge or need different electronic components for your project, you can contact us by phone +49 89 3090 758 0 or by Mail.

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