Our Company

  • Finepower GmbH founded in 2001
    • Headquarter in Ismaning, Germany
    • ISO 9001 qualified engineering since 2011
  • Finepower China Ltd founded in 2010
    • Headquarter in Shenzhen, China

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Our Management

Finepower was founded by its shareholders with the goal to combine their deep knowledge of the power electronics market and technologies to offer their customers the best products and support possible.

  • Peter Lutter:
    • Executive Partner
  • Dieter Bundfuss:
    • Executive Partner
  • Reiko Winkler:
    • General Manager
  • Reiner Nowitzki:
    • Head of Engineering
  • Frank Döring:
    • Shareholder

f.l. Reiko Winkler, Reiner Nowitzki, Dieter Bundfuß, Peter Lutter, Frank Döring


Our Vision

Power electronics is our passion – not only is it a constantly emerging market, but it is also fundamental for the evolution of our civilization:

  • The use of wind energy and photovoltaics is greatly driven by smarter frequency converters and PV inverters.
  • Power supplies with higher effciencies lead to less losses of the valuable source of electrical energy.
  • Electrical Vehicles are impossible to realize without compact, efficient and reliable power electronics.

Therefore it is our vision to contribute to a cleaner and smarter world by developing better power electronic devices, work together with our sales partners to define the right components in a fast evolving market and bring them to our customers, so that they can contribute to this important industry on their own.