GaN Transistors from EPC (Efficient Power Conversion Corp.)

ManufacturerPart NumberPrice @ 100 pcsPrice @ 1000 pcsStock Quantity
EPCEPC2012Cplease requestplease request2940
EPCEPC2016Cplease requestplease request2500
EPCEPC2021please requestplease request500
EPCEPC2029please requestplease request380
EPCEPC2034Cplease requestplease request448
EPCEPC2037please requestplease request2500
EPCEPC2045please requestplease request2500
EPCEPC2053please requestplease request2500
EPCEPC2112*please requestplease request400
EPCEPC8009please requestplease request2000
EPCEPC2019please requestplease request1000
EPCEPC2022please requestplease request950

Power MOSFETs from MaxPower Semiconductors Inc.

ManufacturerPart NumberVoltage Class (Vds)Max. Rds(on) @ 10VPackageStock QuantityCross Reference
MaxPowerMXP30N8P8UG30 V8.8 mOhmPQFN 5×6100.000CSD17578Q5A
MaxPowerMXP40F7P5UGL40V7.5 mOhmPQFN 5×630.000
MaxPowerMXP60F3P2AE60V3.2 mOhmTO-262 / I2Pak40.000IRFSL3306PbF
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  • * EPC2112: Engineering samples, not fully qualified