Finepower is the exclusive European distributor of the new series of common mode chokes from the innovative Taiwanese manufacturer of magnetic components.

Providence Electronics Corp. (PEC-Coil), the Taiwanese specialist for magnetic components in power electronics, has launched a new standard series of common mode chokes. Exclusively for Europe, Finepower GmbH, the sales expert for power electronics, is adding the TAC series to its portfolio.

All members of the TAC series are optimised for a broadband filter effect. They have a highly permeable nanocrystalline core and are optimally insulated by their plastic housing and winding spacer. The chokes are designed for a maximum nominal AC voltage of 250 VAC and can withstand very high nominal currents. All components of the series are designed for THT mounting.

The 14 mm diameter members of the TAC-140155-XXX series are offered in staggered inductances from 0.40 to 11.0 mH. They can handle currents from 0.9 A to 4.5 A. Their maximum DC resistance varies from 10 mOhm to 200 mOhm. The TAC-180220-XXX series with a maximum diameter of 18 mm offers inductors from 1.0 mH to 80.0 mH. The maximum current ratings range from 0.6 A to 7.0 A. Their direct current resistances increase from 6.0 mOhm to 1 Ohm. The TAC-235250-XXX series has a diameter of 24 mm. Their inductance graduation starts at 1.0 mH and ends at 33 mH. The corresponding maximum rated currents range from 2.5 A to 15.0 A. The range of DC resistances goes from 3.3 mOhm to 90 mOhm.

The TAC series shows its qualities above all in the field of radio interference suppression in motors and power electronics. They are just as much in demand as mains input and output filters as for the suppression of common-mode interference. These common mode filter chokes are mainly used in industrial applications and photovoltaics, but also in “white goods” for end customers.