With the SHI and THI series from PEC-Coil, Finepower has the world’s largest standard range of high current inductors for all power electronics applications.

The Taiwanese Providence Electronics Corporation, PEC-Coil for short, concentrates its work on the development of magnetic components in power electronics. No other manufacturer offers the world market a wider range of standardised series of high-current inductors in flat-wire design.

The THI and SHI series, exclusively distributed in Europe by Finepower, the sales expert for power electronics, are particularly suitable for applications with very high currents due to the copper windings designed as flat wire. Their minimal core losses and low DC resistance result in excellent efficiency. Even high power ratings can therefore be implemented with low heat losses.

The inductors are available in both SMD (SHI) and THT (THI) versions with edge lengths from 5 mm to 35 mm and cover inductance values from 0.1 µH to 100 µH for currents from 4 A to 100 A. All components are suitable for plasma cleaning of assembled boards.

The application spectrum of the HI family ranges from use in graphics cards, charging stations and as storage chokes in DC/DC converters to differential mode filters in all power applications in automotive engineering. The members of the SHI series have already proven themselves particularly well in the automotive sector. Compared to competitive products, they reduce interference in the ground line of the vehicle by up to 6dB.

By the end of the year, all series of the HI family will be qualified according to class 1 of the strict specifications of the AECQ-200 standard for the automotive industry. This will make them suitable for most automotive applications, provided that the temperature range of -40°C to +125°C is maintained. Variants with qualification for the even stricter Class 0 are available on request from Finepower.

About PEC-Coil

PEC-Coil (Providence Electronics Corp.) is an innovative Taiwanese manufacturer of inductive components for industrial and automotive applications. The development in Taiwan and an automated production in China guarantee highest quality at very competitive prices.