Since January of this year, Finepower, sales and engineering specialist for modern power electronics, has expanded its product portfolio with low-voltage semiconductors made of gallium nitride (GaN) from Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC). GaN-based applications enable completely new solutions in areas as diverse as wireless power supply, autonomous driving, high-speed mobile communications, satellite technology and transformations in medical care.

The partner EPC is a leading provider of GaN-based energy management technologies. The team around company founder Dr. Alex Lidow can build on decades of experience in the development of power semiconductors and has done pioneering work in this field several times. Only with GaN switches will it be possible to significantly increase the power density of energy converters such as DC/DC converters or onboard chargers in the future. For this reason, EPC already uses the advantages of GaN power transistors in a broad spectrum of 15 to 350 V switches with industrial and automotive qualifications (AECQ-101).

With its focus on the development and sale of modern power electronics, Finepower has established itself since 2001 as a reliable partner in promising markets such as information technology, renewable energies, medical technology, automotive and e-mobility. An in-house development department as well as contact persons active throughout Germany advise on the selection and implementation of system components and, if required, also develop application-specific solutions up to series production readiness. Customers benefit from the technical know-how of experienced service technicians (FAEs) and worldwide logistics and design support.

Thanks to the distribution partnership with EPC, Finepower will also be able to offer a wide range of high-quality power solutions at competitive prices in the future.