Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) Corp. has updated its popular video podcast series “How to GaN”. The videos are based on the recently published technical book (3rd edition) “GaN Transistors for Efficient Power Conversion”. These videos are intended to provide a better understanding of the gallium nitride technology.

How to GaN video podcast series on GaN transistors and ICs

GaN transistors have significantly lower failures than silicon-based transistors, they are smaller, faster and more reliable and the theoretical limit is far from being reached. In short, gallium nitride or GaN transistors are part of today’s and tomorrow’s technology.

With the 14-part video podcasts, power supply developers will be offered a technical basis for GaN-based transistors and ICs. In addition, application-oriented tools are presented with which more efficient power conversion systems can be developed.

The first seven videos in the series provide an overview of the theory and design fundamentals of using GaN transistors and ICs.

Overview of How-to-GaN Video Podcasts

The first part of the How-to-Gan video podcasts contains the following topics:

  • How to GaN 01 – Material comparisons
  • How to GaN 02 – Design of a GaN transistor
  • How to GaN 03 – Performance features
  • How to GaN 04 – Development basics: Gate control
  • How to GaN 05 – Development basics: Layout
  • How to GaN 06 – Development basics: Heat management
  • How to GaN 07 – Development basics: Modelling and measurement

Part 2 of the video podcast series on GaN transistors and ICs

The second part of the series will also be published shortly. According to the EPC, this contains practical examples of the use of GaN transistors in common power electronics applications. One example would be the use in DC/DC conversion for tele- and data communication systems. Examples are also disclosed of how GaN transistors and ICs are enabling new applications. These are used, for example, in lidar/ToF (Time of Flight) for autonomous vehicles and robotics, wireless power (wireless power transmission) and RF envelope generation for telecommunication systems.

Commenting on the video series, Alex Lidow, CEO and co-founder of EPC, said: “This series of short videos helps designers understand the benefits of GaN technology and the intricacies of integrating GaN transistors and ICs into power conversion systems. Most importantly, the videos will accelerate developers’ learning curve and expand their expertise to take full advantage of the high switching frequency and performance of GaN power semiconductors”.

The How-to-GaN video series on GaN transistors, ICs and the technology is easily accessible via EPC’s video library or YouTube video channel.