A big surprise awaited us at the PCIM Nuremberg 2022! Dr. Alex Lidow, CEO and co-founder of EPC, and Nick Cataldo, Senior Vice-President, Global Sales and Marketing, present the award to Finepower founding member Peter Lutter during PCIM 2022 in Nuremberg. The entire Finepower Team is very proud of this award. “With EPC we have a strong partnership in Europe, and we will expand our activities in GaN technology to change the world,” said Peter Lutter during the ceremony. “We are part of the EPC Team!” Within the past 21 years, Finepower has developed into a trustfull, global acting company with 40 employees. Finepower relies on two business areas that complement each other very well. As a design-oriented distributor of electronic components with strong technical support and our own logistics, customers are supported with inductors, fans and power semiconductors. With its own Finepower Engineering Team, a thoroughbred electronics development for power electronics, which develops complete devices and systems for Finepower’s customers, Finepower is well-positioned to provide its customers with faster access to innovative technology and to achieve a short development time. Finepower, YOUR INNOVATION HUB!