The Power Electronics Cluster is a regional cooperation network of companies, scientific institutions and other players in the field of power electronics. The cluster was established in 2006 as part of the Bavarian Cluster Initiative, the cluster management is located in the ECPE (European Center for Power Electronics e.V.).β€―The ECPE e.V. was founded in 2003 and now comprises more than 150 organisations. These are university and research institutes, which are spread all over Europe.

The company Finepower GmbH with its core area of power electronics has been supporting the goals of the Power Electronics Cluster in the ECPE for years.

In particular, the Power Electronics Cluster initiates innovations for the key applications of power electronics in the following areas:

  • Automotive
  • Industrial drive technology and traction
  • Renewable energies and electricity grids
  • Building and lighting technology

The objectives and key activities of the Power Electronics Cluster

Goals of the Power Electronics Cluster:

  • Initiating innovation in the regional economy, e.g. promoting competitiveness
  • Strategic market development for companies, especially SMEs
  • Promotion of sustainable, strategic cooperation between industry and science
  • Promotion of young talents and public relations for power electronics

Key activities of the Power Electronics Cluster:

  • Professional events, education and training: cluster seminars and training
  • Research collaborations: Initiation, planning, monitoring of R&D projects
  • Network formation: cooperation network including cross-cluster cooperation and cluster internationalisation
  • Public relations: Role and importance of power electronics for funding programmes and young engineers

The partners intend to visibly document their cooperation in the field of power electronics to the outside world by granting Finepower GmbH the status of core player in the Power Electronics Cluster.