Today we are introducing a 1500V N-channel SIC MOSFET with an RDS (on) of 0.9 Ohm from MaxPower. The MXP1500N0K9CL is ideal for auxiliary power supplies (bias supply) in 3-phase systems with> 700V intermediate circuit voltage, as well as DC / DC converters and current limiters for large capacitive loads with high voltage. The SiC technology enables significantly reduced switching losses compared to the previously used MOSFETs or IGBTs. Thanks to the extended temperature range of -55 Β° C – 175 Β° C and a good thermal connection in the TO247-3L standard housing, the MXP1500N0K9CL can be used very flexibly and easily replace older components. We are well prepared to support you in redesigning your application with our FAE team. We will be pleased to send you the data sheet on request.