Finepower offers GaN-HEMTs of VisIC Technologies

During PCIM 2018 Peter Lutter, General Manager of Finepower, and Luc Van de Perre, Sales and Marketing Director of VisiC Technologies, announced their future cooperation for the distribution of VisIC’s innovative gallium-nitride (GaN) based power semiconductors.

Finepower is very happy to add a technology leader such as VisIC to its portfolio for the very important future market of GaN power switches. We believe, that only with GaN semiconductors the highest power density and efficiency can be achieved in growing application markets like EV onboard chargers.

Moreover, VisIC is the only company also offering a solution for 1200V GaN components and therefore enables the use of extremely fast semiconductors for high power devices, which are usually supplied out of the 3-phase 400V grid.

Likewise, the Finepower Engineering Team is already working with GaN based switches in several research and development projects to continuously provide its customers the advantage of cutting-edge technology.

June 6th, 2018|